We work within the guidelines of a strict process to ensure the best results. By emphasizing quality, we continuously make improvements in the efficiency of our process every day.

Our standard search process is described below:

Stage 1: Understanding the Client and the Client's unique hiring needs
- Understanding the Client's specific business goals, challenges and needs, including the Client's unique organizational culture and company dynamics.
- Review of the job description using our formal research checklist.

Stage 2: Systematic Research and Wide Sourcing
-Research of the industry and competition followed by creation of a search plan for the assignment. Our Consultants identify candidates from three sources: their own professional networks and relationships, our talent database, and systematic research. We will make sure that the best candidate is on our list.

Stage 3: Candidate Identification and Assessment
The next step is to conduct preliminary research for developing an initial candidate list. We contact, meet and determine a short list of potential candidates through telephone and face-to-face interviews. Our interviews are structured to ascertain the competencies that are most crucial to the position. Our professionals prepare a confidential candidate assessment report to present to the client for review, describing how and why the candidates are the best fit.

Stage 4: Client Interviews
When the client is ready to proceed, our professionals arrange all meetings between the two parties and provide feedback as appropriate to both sides. In consultation with the client, selected finalists proceed to a second or final round of interviews.

Stage 5: Reference Check & Placement
After the client has agreed on a candidate, we perform comprehensive reference checks. The reference checks verify background information, report achievements, explore strengths and weaknesses, and provide insights into personal and professional style.
We also facilitate the negotiation of an appropriate compensation package. Because our consultants invest in the relationship with candidates through every step of the search process, they are better able to monitor and address concerns about the job and practical and personal aspects of transitioning as they arise. They are also able to minimize barriers to the closure of the search. Our business ethics assure objectivity on quantitative aspects of hiring, allowing consultants to advise both sides in the negotiations without conflict of interest.

Stage 6: Follow up
After completion of an assignment, we remain in close contact with the client and successful candidate for a minimum of 3 months to check performance and fit. We ensure a smooth transition into the new job.