Lack of qualified senior executive supply in Chinese talent market.
Candidates with international backgrounds tend to have several competing offers as well as "counter-offers" from their existing employers.

Reference checks.
We find that a significant percentage of candidates are trying to fake their resumes. It is also the case that referees are often not willing to disclose the disadvantages of the candidates. We remedy this with thorough reference checks.

Senior Executives are younger
Unlike western countries, China’s rapidly expanding job market allows very young professionals to climb the ladder to senior positions within a very short amount of time. We are particularly interested in assessing this unique sector of the employment market. Our special focus is determining whether these candidates have the required maturity for higher roles and are well-equipped to tackle executive challenges.

High turnover rate in China.
In 2007, the average employment turnover rate was between 13%-17% and in some cities it was higher than 20%. Furthermore, newly established employment contract laws give employees more flexibility in changing jobs, increasing the rate of turnover even more.

Cultural differences
Chinese culture often leads employees to be more resistant to lay-offs and firings. As Chinese natives, we are best equipped with the cultural know-how to address this pattern.

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