Financial Officers
VP for a famous global Venture Capital Fund
Finance Manager China for one of the world’s largest railway vehicle equipment producers
Vice GM for a Capital operations company
Secretary of the Board of Directors for a publicly held company
Cost Controls Director for a well-known real estate brand in China
Investment Manager for a global real estate company
Branch Managers for a well-known securities company
Senior Manager for a Commercial Bank

Human Resources
VP of APAC for a global electronic cmpany
Regional HRM for a French Leading Service Provider
HRM of Yantai plant in China for a publicly held American company.
HR Operations Manager for a global company
HRD for a GEM listed company

Information Technology Officers
IT Plant Manager for an international company
ERP Director of a listed company

Sales & Marketing
Regional Sales Manager for a well-known international brand
Vice GM of Sales and Marketing for a industrial products company
Sales Manager - China for an international rubber products company
VP of Sales for an Australian steel company
Sales Director of China for an international pump products company